Thursday, August 23, 2007

a note to kylie

Kylie!I know that i shouldn't be posting a letter to you like this, but i dont know your email address and can't get a hold of your phone! I miss you kylie!!!! So SO much. I can't even look at this page and all of the pictures of our friends and not cry! I hope your okay down there...I hope all your roommates are nice to you, and hopefully normal. Me and Annie are fine up here..Things are normal as they can possibly be without having You here...which isn't normal that much. But Kylie, i miss you, I want you to come down for stake conference. Except..if you come down, then i might not let you go away again. I miss you so much kylie, my best friend! I can't think of you and not cry...Thank you so much for the nice letters/ little notes that you left for me. Perhaps i can leave one for you here.

Things I'm going to miss about My Kylie.
1. Calling you little mouse.
2. cruising in your car to music.
3. Peeing our pants laughing about unbelievable doos.
4. Talking to you late at night about good news with Ryan, or anything like other weird sick feeling problems.
5. Having you watch me bake.
6. Bajio kids burritos.
7. ...and for that matter, Cafe Rio!!! P.s. a new cafe rio is being brought in right next to Savers!!!!!!!!!!!1 Can you believe it?!!?
8. Having baking days when we dont feel like talking or seeing anyone and then finally deciding that that was a dumb idea and heading out to play till late hours.
9 Having you there to tickle my arm or back.
10. Seeing your handwriting
11.not showering for days , but having you right by my side. --annie never would handle us.
12. The View in the rain
13.Barefoot...Harmons. Joel. Need i say more. Elizabeth
14. school dance sick feelings dates.
15.crying with you
16.sneaky spying
17. Fun little notes and christmas poems.
18. I miss you my kylie, Honestly i feel like someone has stolen you, and like I'm never going to see you again or something, like Im basically crying hysterically like someone died.. It's ridiculous.. but seriously. I love you ky! Please..Just get here! You've been there long enough..Its been a full week sinse i saw you, and it's too much. Get me there, or get here.
Loveyou, and can't wait till i see you.
your best friend, who you're not ever going to forget ( promise?)-paige

Lake Powell Trip -Summer 2007

This summer I went to Lake Powell with our young womens/ young mens group. It was just so so much fun! I took this picture the first night we were there, It's where our boat was docked. We had this gorgeous view, it was the most beautiful place! I missed you Kylie!! Love love

Monday, August 13, 2007

Talley oh Talley

I believe that i have seen this kid at 7 eleven... weird...he looks real

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007


We drove by and told Brother Bartellini that we were on a scavenger hunt and needed a picture of a hat. He all too willingly agreed. We asked for the hat and got a squat.

Rumple Bumpkins...need i say more

Apple Dumplin

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rose Rings

We found these rings at the Flower Basket Boutique on University Avenue. They are just so cute!

Ricotta Almond Cupcakes

We got this recipe from Nicole Hill. We tried them out recently and were completely amazed. we ate the entire batch ourselves. This picture shows the cupcakes without the delicious cream cheese frosting. ( The recipe will be posted soon)


We Love Love Love!

Victim search!

It's kind of silly, but you've got to try this!
Try doing a Google search for
Spider bite victim pictures. Choose the first site that comes up. You won't believe it!
After you've handled that then do a search for Shark bite victim pictures. You won't believe how horrifying it is!

Vintage Chic Boutique- Chelsea Anderson

Paige's aunt,Chelsea Anderson, makes these darling clothes for children, and its actually her beautiful little girl posing in all the pictures. Anyway, we absolutely love these cute little clothes.
To find out more about her stuff you can check out her blog.

Age Intervention

This is a total miracle worker. Its called Age Intervention EYELASH. You use it for about 4 Months and you see results in about 2 weeks. It makes your eye lashes grow longer and darker. It totally works. You can get it At Von Curtis Salon in the Riverwoods. You have to try it out!

More pictures

Paige and Kylie in the Cope's Bathroom ( We love the wall paper)
Our good friend Steven Stucki. He is such a talented boy. Always singing! He has a CD out called Diamonds. We love him!
Kylie, Ryan Cope, and Paige @ the Cope's house. aww Ryan is such a babe!-paige

Summer Fest Pictures 2007

Kylie , the talented Steven stucki,and Paige
Kylie, the handsome Jesse Heart Williams, Paige
Kylie, THE Logan Wilding, Paige
Kylie, Johnny boy Melville, Paige

Las Vegas Trip

Paige and Kylie infront of the Cheesecake Factory in Las Vegas.
About to watch the water show.

Looking cute while you cook

You have to have a darling apron, and fun measuring utensils.

In the Kitchen

We love cute kitchen ware. All of these are from Anthropology( which we also love). It's all about having soft and feminine utensils.


We love this book! Everyone who reads it loves it,because it's a little bit of everything. Action, Romance,Horror. The second book is called New Moon. We're all waiting for the third book, Eclipse,which comes out in August .
Anyway If you haven't read it, we highly recommend it!


Kylie is an excellent Ballet dancer. Everyone who dances or has seen her dance knows it! It is one of her favorite things to do.


Gorgeous yellow roses. These bloom every spring in Paige's front yard.

SassaFrass Bags

Paige's talented mom, Lila, makes these darling bags. They're called SassaFrass Bags and everyone who sees one wants one because they are totally one of a kind and so so cute.

Prom 2007

Prom was a blast! Here is a picture of Paige and Kylie right before they left in a HUmmER LiMO to Market Street Grill for dinner. We also got to go on the most wonderful day date. The boys surprised us with a Hot air Balloon ride around Park city. It was fantastic!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Color Code

We absolutely love the Color Code. Kylie is a blue. Paige is a yellow. If you haven't taken the color code test yet then definitely take it. It's fun to read about your relationships with other colors.

Color Me mine

We basically live here. It's a fun little place to be.